Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Winter weather

I was shocked to see such temps this morning. It was 10 a.m.  And all this snow in the background!!!!! Snow is a rare thing here...
All my cats refused to go out and for once I do not blame them!

Sunday, January 14, 2018


END OF 2017!

This year started with everyone getting sick. Blah... It took me three weeks to get over some horrible laryngitis but it could have been worse: there is a flu epidemic in the area and two people I know landed in a hospital! So I am just grateful, I was not THAT sick and feel fine now.

The weather is extremely cold, which along with being sick, prevented me from running. Temps have been hovering around 20F or -7C, or lower. Yesterday it LOOKED like it was warmer, so I hopped in the car, went to a local park with the intention of FINALLY running outside. I did 4 miles, yes, but gosh, let me tell you, it was extremely unpleasant. I almost froze! Lesson learned: check temperature before going out, even if it is sunny... It was 25F or -4C. I had warmer clothes, gloves, and a hat but still, if I had known how cold it was, I would probably add one more layer. At least my cats know better and spend most of the time on floor vents getting warm!

.. or in the bed...

In January lots of things happened. Here is a random selection of photos:

I invested in a yoga mat. Good that I got an extra long one because there is a room now for my cats!

I experimented with different "breads". For this one I used corn grits, chia seeds, hemp seeds, rye flour, sesame seeds, and 1 egg.

My lunch consisted of few bread slices and avocado, tomato, and hemp seed salad, and soy/hemp/veggie milk.
Some other meals I have prepared:
- Sweet potatoes and turnip/spinach/kale/ginger/garlic/sesame oil steamed veggies. Oh, and mushrooms!
- Berries, banana slices, raspberries, oats, rice, and sunflower seeds in a veggie milk (warm)
- Pasta, tomatoes, avocado, spinach, green peppers, hemp seeds and some extra virgin olive oil
- Avocado, raw carrots, olives, tomatoes, green peppers on the bottom, extra virgin olive oil

I also made some more elaborate mix veggies salads to take to work but I simply forgot to take pictures...
Stay warm!  :)

Saturday, December 2, 2017


Weekend! Finally.
I have several goals for today and tomorrow. One of them would be to work on my patchwork blanket. I have some "technical issues" though. For instance, I am not sure how to finish the edges since, obviously, it is not a typical rectangular/square shape. So my hope is to get some ideas over the weekend, finish the thing, and move on to the next project.

Yesterday I made a miso-like soup. I went to the food market, looked around, and decided on buying seaweed, tofu, and miso paste. I had some home-made broth in my fridge already, so after coming back I just added the new ingredients and had a meal in twenty minutes! Yummy...

I have also made some fruit salads. Since it's been quite cold, I eat my fruit warm. For example, I microwave apple pieces for about 1 minute, then add other fruit. That way the whole dish is much warmer and "not straight from the fridge".
For the one below I used an apple, honeydew melon, grapes, blueberries, and coconut chips.

And this is one random salad with gnocchi, olives, tomatoes, and feta cheese.

Okay, back to work on my patchwork blanket. Lack of ideas for the edge drives me nuts, so need to do some research... Sigh... 

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Random Pictures

This is going to be a little chaotic BUT what the hell...
Here are some random pictures taken between the post done in September and present:

I have finally finished the blanket! It took forever but then I had no clue it's going to be so big. I had a kitty blanket in mind, meaning maybe 35x35 inches. Once I started however, it "mushroomed" somehow and was a king size before I knew it! Ended up as a couch cover in a room where "no cat hooligans are allowed"  :)

And of course, there would be no Halloween with no witches' finger cookies! We also made pudding with crashed Oreos and with little worms coming out of it. Then, we had hot dogs with eyes!

And finally, a picture of my yard with changing colors, last flowers, and autumn lives... Looks pretty but it also means that I will have to spend the next weekend raking. Sigh...

Friday, November 24, 2017

Half Marathon: DONE!!!!!!

Yesssss... It is official now: I have neglected my blog...

I could probably use many excuses but the truth is that I just was doing various stuff and somehow did not feel like going on internet much. I tried to use the last days of warm and sunny weather, be outside, read, clean, meet with friends, and have quality time with my kitties. I also had to go to work, of course, and all of the sudden IT IS THE END OF NOVEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Half-Marathon I wrote about last is over. I did it! I am proud of myself because it was my first and I managed somehow to be 4th in my age group. I feel super-motivated to train for the next year. It was a great experience. There is something special about hundreds of people running together! This week I am resting, no runs. I have some extra time on my hands, so I have decided to write a little update here and post some pictures:

At the end of the race:

Now I am allowed to have display this sticker:

Map of our course:

Other things... The cold weather has started. It is dark, too. I try to stay busy and not pay attention to it but it is going to be long few months before spring arrives. I still work on knitting some blankets. Actually I work on 3 separate projects, which is not good because I jump from one to another and nothing gets finished on time really. Try to catch up with reading too. Bought myself a book about Nikola Tesla- fascinating!!!!!! The only downside, I started feeling bad about "not being productive" enough. This guy would always do something, invent, learn new languages, worked sometimes 15-20 hours a day, and somehow still had time to meet with other people for a game of billiard or for dinner! I had to do some soul searching and decided that I need to step up my own game a little.

Soon. :) 

Monday, September 18, 2017


Okay, so I was a little lazy and neglected the blog...
On the other hand, I was busy with doing stuff and my new work. I finally started switching to my regular schedule though, working 4 10-hour days and having 3 days off . Yay! It leaves me some room to wiggle, so to speak, and I do not mind. Actually, the 10-hour shift is over before I know it, so busy we are.
Anyway, I also signed up for a half-marathon in my area. It was in June. Now I try to keep up with the training schedule, which can be hard since I work full time with irregular hours. Then, I want to stay in touch with my friends and go out sometimes. Last week, for example, we had a silly party. Each of us had to had a hat, a decorated hat, for no reason at all. So here is mine:

It is good to relax from time to time and quit being serious for a few hours!!!!!
And I also started a new crochet blanket. It is almost done. Will post some pictures tomorrow. In fact, I do have 3 knitting/crochet projects going. Cannot finish them timely because the local store I was getting yarn from run out of the particular brands I was using. I did not write down what yarn I need and now do not want to risk buying anything online especially that yarn could be quite expensive. So I just wait for the store to get their supply again! Ha ha, this is how I ended up with several projects at once. One would think I would learn my lesson after running out of yarn for the first time!
Whatever happens, I will report on the progress tomorrow. Hopefully.   :)

Saturday, August 12, 2017

First week at work- DONE!

Survived my first week at new job! YAY!

It is a high pace, sort of an emergency room setting. No scheduled time for lunch- we eat whenever we can. BUT: I just love it. I mean, my brain is overloaded with all the info, all equally useful 45 pages of notes, but once I learn all the ropes, it is going to be fantastic!!!!!
So for now, my plan for the weekend is very simple. I am going to relax, do absolutely nothing -except that I need to read my notes and memorize some stuff by Monday- and SLEEP.

Okay, I will also go for a run because since I signed up for a half-marathon last month I obviously need to train from time to time.

Will post some pictures from my Colorado trip next time. Everything went great, had the best time ever.
 Upon my coming back, my neurotic cats decided to pee all over my clothes, including all the work clothes!!!!!!!! 7 loads of laundry later I was ready to start my new job without smelling funny...


Tuesday, July 25, 2017


I am proud of myself: I put two bookcases together completely by myself!
Not that it was difficult. Actually, it was much easier than I thought it would ever be... Plus they always include instructions, ha ha! The problem is that sometimes it takes a lot of time to screw all the pieces together and I do not have patience. Normally, I probably would not bother with buying furniture in parts. I needed however two bookcases of very specific size, color, and shape, and I simply could not get them. Maybe if I investigated and looked over the internet, etc., long enough.... But I needed them NOW. Or even for yesterday, to be honest.
So when I noticed a perfect bookcase at the local store, I bought two of them on the spot!

And here are two random pictures from my vacation:

Toasts with hummus I made, salsa, and lettuce:


That's it for now, I guess. 
Good-night, Wild Bill, good-night...