Thursday, November 24, 2016


I have been busier than usually for the last couple of weeks. Finishing all other projects, I had no time for painting. Somehow however, I found time for running! Since I need something to keep me motivated, I signed up for the last race this calendar year, and actually I won an award!

 The day of the race was also the first day of a cold weather. I was glad I took all my plants inside the day before. The temperature dropped horribly and overnight I went from T-shirt to woolen sweaters, scarfs, and hats. For this reason, I was very happy to receive a package with my 5-finger woolen socks a few days earlier than planned! Regular socks do not fit into Vibram 5-finger shoes. Although it may be seen as a lame excuse, this is why I ran in traditional shoes during the race: had no proper socks and it was too cold to use Vibrams on bare feet. You probably could use ANY 5-finger socks but since I run long distance (over 6 miles), good quality is super important. Well, unless I wanted to get some ridiculous and painful blisters!!!!

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