Saturday, December 17, 2016

Lost Sea Adventure

Lost Sea is one of the biggest underground lakes. More info here:
The tour takes about 40 minutes and it is super cool. There is also a boat ride involved and you can observe HUGE trout fish that lives there in the lake. What is interesting, there are some plants living there too, in almost total darkness! Yes, they started growing close to the lamps but still...  I wish the pictures were of better quality but it was just too dark. In places, I could not see the ground I walked on!

Above, they have several cute little shops with hand-made old fashioned stuff. I would buy half of it probably but in the end I settled for an "attitude adjuster"...  So funny!...

Wednesday, December 14, 2016


December was supposed to be slower with lots of time to relax. However, some things came up and before I knew, I ended up with almost no free time at all. Managed to have some fun though! The highlight was going to the English Country Dance group performance.


And I had a visitor...
Helen feeling lazy or rather thinking about some new mischief...

And finally, I hope to decorate the house for Christmas this weekend. So far, I have started with my lamp... :)