Monday, January 9, 2017

10 miler

A few weeks ago I talked with friends teasing each other about our running, and before we knew it we all signed up for 10 mile run!  It is organized by the Calhoun's restaurant chain and after the run all participants are invited to breakfast. I guess, in hindsight, this is exactly what motivated us to sign up: FOOD!!!!!!!!! Normally, I do not go to restaurants because I keep a special diet and prepare all my food myself but one time is not going to kill me (I hope). Besides, it will be possible to get healthier choices (I hope, again). So I have two weeks left for practicing. Right now, can run 8.5 miles which means that I still need to master 1.5 mile before 21st... Oh, boy.

Talking about food, today I made this salad:

I chopped several beet leaves, mustard leaves, added arugula, chopped green zucchini, cucumber, tomatoes, cranberries (dried and fresh), added a few drops of sesame oil, sprinkled it with hemp seeds, and added a little shredded cheese. I made a huge bowl that will last for two, perhaps three days- even if I eat the salad twice a day. I do not have too much free time, so I always try to prepare a little more food and have it for later. And it is not boring because- if I treat this salad as a base- each time I can add some more ingredients. My friend, suggested eggs or pieces of fried chicken but one can add even seafood... The key is to be creative and keep it yummy!

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