Monday, January 23, 2017

My tomato plant

I just thought I might share it...
I have always thought that tomato plants have fruit and then die. However, two years ago I became a happy owner of this tomato plant and it challenged all my assumptions. First, the seeds were accidentally planted (or I should say, I dropped them into one of my flower pots while eating a tomato) in mid-September of 2015. There was something growing out of the pot later but I did not pay any attention to it until I realized that the things looked like... a bunch of tomato plants! They started growing really nicely. It was getting cold though, so feeling sorry for a poor plants, I took the whole pot inside at the beginning of November. For some it may seem late but here, it was not. Actually, it was mostly nights that were too cold for my tomato but you know, it's better to be safe than sorry... In December 2015 I got first little tomatoes! Then I expected my plant to die because this is what I observed with other tomatoes grown by my family or friends in the past.
However, my tomato decided to live and looked like "never better".
When spring came, I took it outside. I have learned however, that my plant does not like to be outside too much and I need to monitor the weather very closely. It does not like strong sunlight. Actually, it prefers rather gloomy days. So not only I ended up taking it out and in throughout the summer but I also kept it under my garden umbrella.
THIS IS ONE CAPRICIOUS TOMATO!!!! If you do something wrong, you can see instantly the leaves drooping and that it looks "unhappy"...
Well, it spends the second winter with me and has tomatoes again! I have already eaten six. There are about fifteen more still growing. I took the pot outside today. Although January, it is 57F or about 15C and it rains a little, and this is my tomatoes favorite weather. Going to take it in though for the night since temps will drop to almost freeze.
This is one amazing tomato plant
And since it looks that we are stuck together for more seasons to come, maybe I should name it somehow...  So funny.

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