Thursday, February 16, 2017


I have been busy these days and had no time to write. The weather gets warmer SLOWLY but surly. Driving yesterday, I saw some trees blooming, so one may say there is some progress. Unfortunately, it also means I will have to do some garden work, which I hate... The main reason for  my dislike is that I need to rake the lawn and each time I pull a snake out of the grass on my rakes. Although I know it is bound to happen, it scares me horribly each time. Yeah...
Anyway, I experimented with salads. Since the seasons change, I kind of feel like eating even more fruit than usually.
Star-fruit is my recent favorite! Could eat it all the time. Reminds me of some other fruit but I am not sure which one specifically. Hmmm....
I wrote about it, I think. For some reason, I do like adding honeydew melon to tomato and avocado salads. Here, I also sprinkled ground chia and hemp seeds on top.
 Mixed greens salad with apple, yellow and red peppers, cilantro, raw beets, and hemp seeds.
 Fruit salad: blueberries, red grapes, cooked cranberries, strawberries, and apple.
I like raw cranberries but cooked this batch because I needed some juice for my runs. Cranberries are delicious in any form, so I never discard them.
Helen enjoying her blanket (read: my velvet top) and waiting for Spring!


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