Friday, March 17, 2017

Coconut chips

I have "discovered" coconut chips some time ago but forgot to mention how much I love them. :)  At first, I was quite reluctant to buy them because I thought they were like coconut shreds meaning moist, which I do NOT like. Oh, but coconut chips are DRY, so DRY and CRUNCHY!!!! Yum. Basically, once I realized this special quality, I was back in the store for 3 more packages, so I would not run out in the middle of the meal (silly). 
I tried various fruit salad combinations but my favorite is just an apple, strawberries, and coconut chips or apple, banana, and coconut chips. May add blueberries. The serving size is 3 table spoons but I use about 4-5.

The store nearby also started carrying bulk nuts and seeds, so I got myself one pound of  raw and unsalted pistachios. They are expensive, practically $20.00 per pound BUT they are very nutritious with 10g of protein in 1/3 cup or something like that. So during my last trip to the store I bought a bag. Here is my mix instead of traditional cereal (which I have stopped eating since it has too much processed sugar): 1/3 cup of pistachios, 1/3 cup of dried cranberries, and 1/3 cup of raw unsalted sunflower seeds with hemp and soy milk.

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