Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Yesterday was a good day. Great actually. I passed an important examination and I did it on a first try, and without all the fuss which happens if you do not answer questions the way they wanted... If you miss something, you either have to go for an oral exam- to discuss whatever was missing, or if you fail on a greater scale, you need to redo the whole thing. And since you never know really, I was super happy to learn that I passed and can move on to... the next exam in 3.5 weeks.

Yay for me!

Do not even have time for the lengthy celebrations. However, I opened a bottle of sweet wine and had a glass.

I also removed the pile of books that I do not need anymore (two feet high) and replaced it with materials for the second examination. This pile is just about one foot, so things look promising!

Finally, I checked the weather yesterday. It is supposed to stay warm with nights above 55F/13C, so decided to take some plants outside for the summer. There is lots of cleaning to be done though. All the plants do not look too impressive YET but they survived the winter, so that's a start!
I wish I had more time in upcoming weeks to do desperately-needed garden-work or just clean the house...

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