Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Time goes by so fast! Cannot believe March is halfway through!!!
My schedule got crazier than I thought, so I had no time to post any Spring  pictures. Anyway...
Let's start with flowers.

And these are first flowers on my lemon tree! Yay!!

I am super excited about lemon tree because although it bloomed last year for the very first time, I lost all little lemons in a storm. The wind was so strong that it knocked off all tiny fruit. So now I consider keeping the tree inside for the rest of the season. Positives: no wind, no nasty rain, no animals or bugs eating leaves. Negatives: mites (dry air), too little light for lemons to actually grow to the full edible size. If I decide to keep it inside, I may want to get a special lamp to provide extra light. Anyone tried a lamp for indoor plants?
Since last post, I have also done some "creative" cooking. Mostly because it was cold and I felt like eating warm stuff instead of salads. From several dishes, I really liked the version of miso soup. The base is traditional but I just added more veggies to it.

 Here it is all ready with rice noodles and tofu. Yummy!
And since I had lots of various greens left (turnip, kale) and some of my home-grown green tomatoes, I chopped them with fresh ginger and garlic, and fried lightly in sesame oil.

Once you have such greens ready, you may add them to whatever other dishes you make. You may eat them with noodles, rice, scrambled eggs, bread, whatever really.

Unfortunately, we also had to say good-bye to our friend possum Felek. He was born last spring, had some health issues from the start, and was practically blind. Surprisingly survived for so many months- it was amazing that coyotes did not get him. He was an optimist and fighter! I found him in the woods very weak, took him home but it was too late. It was a very sad day because we all liked Felek so much! It is hard to imagine not having him around. He was here every day and once he even managed to get inside the house!  :)
Good-bye, Wild Felek, good-bye...


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