Friday, June 30, 2017


Rainy and humid.
Slept until 10 a.m. but then, why not? I am lucky enough to have a three-day weekend, so decided not to put too much pressure on myself and enjoy the general laziness...
One of my tasks for today is to upgrade my old laptop from Windows7 to Windows10, which may take quite a bit of time. The other task, to upload the French language course. Third, to read some on mental illness and pharmacology, since I realized it is time to refresh my memory. So overall it looks like I am going to be quite busy after all!

And below are some of the salads I prepared last week:

Need to find a recipe for a home-made hummus, so I would not buy any. They always add some chemicals, which is not good if one eats a lot of the stuff.  :( 


A salad with eggs, arugula, tomatoes, some feta cheese, and hemp seeds.


Have you ever tried to make your own hummus? How did it turn up?

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  1. Sałatki wyglądają bardzo smakowicie. U mnie niestety już chyba od 4 dni też deszcz mnóstwo wilgoci. Normalnie Kraina Deszczowców.