Tuesday, July 25, 2017


I am proud of myself: I put two bookcases together completely by myself!
Not that it was difficult. Actually, it was much easier than I thought it would ever be... Plus they always include instructions, ha ha! The problem is that sometimes it takes a lot of time to screw all the pieces together and I do not have patience. Normally, I probably would not bother with buying furniture in parts. I needed however two bookcases of very specific size, color, and shape, and I simply could not get them. Maybe if I investigated and looked over the internet, etc., long enough.... But I needed them NOW. Or even for yesterday, to be honest.
So when I noticed a perfect bookcase at the local store, I bought two of them on the spot!

And here are two random pictures from my vacation:

Toasts with hummus I made, salsa, and lettuce:


That's it for now, I guess. 
Good-night, Wild Bill, good-night... 

Friday, July 21, 2017

Changes (2)

Today morning I looked at the calendar and realized that my time at my current position is practically over. Need to go to work just twice! And then I will be done.   (???!!!???)

Well, not exactly. I will start a new job but since my new office is just down the hallway, in the same building, I kind of failed to register the gravity of this change. Until now. It's going to be a real challenge. For many reasons. For example, scope of my duties will be completely different, so I have to learn a lot of new stuff. The hours will be different too, which means I need to learn how to organize my time in and out of work again. And finally, there is going to be definitely more drama involved... My new boss said that each day is different and when we come to work each morning, we have no idea what we get ourselves into! (Perhaps it was a clue, a warning, that I should run- which I missed, of course, and now it's too late)

I am very excited about all this though because I like when things happen. Sometimes I feel like I start missing quiet life- just sitting, reading, doing little everyday things- but it does not last long. I am drawn to ACTION.


Poor kitties! My professional happiness and work-craziness means much less freedom for them. And that sucks big time because they really love climbing trees and just being... wild.


Sunday, July 16, 2017

Baby raccoons

Yep. This blog turns into a Raccoon Blog...
But then, who cares?
Today two baby raccoons visited with their mother and took a bath in the container I keep for them. Temps are in the 90sF or 30sC, so it must have felt nice to sit in the cool water!


 I just love raccoons. They are super-smart and cute. I wish I could have a pet raccoon but then it's not entirely legal, I think, plus my cats would disinherit me. In a blink.
So instead, I just focused on making some hummus:

It was a very basic one. I used chick peas and red lentils in equal proportions, sesame and an extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice from 3 lemons, salt and pepper, and about a cup of oat milk for blending chick peas. They are kind of dry, so I mashed them first, and added oat milk when blending- makes things easier for the blender's engine. Yummy.... 

Friday, July 14, 2017


The last few weeks have been crazy. There will be many changes in my life coming, including starting a new job. It is exciting but also a little scary to be out of my comfort zone.
But then, challenges are good for us. This is how we grow.
So I just plan on growing a lot, I guess!!!!

Yesterday however... THE BABY RACCOON IS HERE!!!!!!!!!! And it's super cute!!!
I wish the pictures were of better quality but it was getting dark and besides, my phone is dying. Actually I am surprised I was able to take any pictures at all...

Okay, so let me introduce: the Baby!

 Climbing up the tree...

 And the mother Bolek taking her bath...  :)

Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Got some yummy peaches from my friend this morning! Yay!
Thank you, E.   :)

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

News and such...

Found two interesting articles:

1) Popular “Diet” Ingredient Now Linked to Leukemia and Lymphoma in New Landmark Study on Humans


I do not drink any soft drinks, diet or regular, but many people do. They think they are healthier...
Just restock your fridge with lemons and water, the old fashioned way... :)

2) Measles outbreaks across Europe threaten progress towards elimination


We are doomed...

And the last random thought: There are people who believe that "organic" means you do not have to wash your fruit and veggies! YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!! Imagine all the bacteria and dirt on the surface! Imagine that the person who packed the fruit was first in the bathroom, did not use paper, then picked with all the fingers in her/his nose, and only then grabbed the fruit...



Bolek, my favorite raccoon mother, came today and spend about two hours chilling next to her water containers. It was almost 90F (33C), really hot and humid. Yuck!
Cannot blame her!
She actually made me think about getting a plastic pool or something like that for myself!