Sunday, July 16, 2017

Baby raccoons

Yep. This blog turns into a Raccoon Blog...
But then, who cares?
Today two baby raccoons visited with their mother and took a bath in the container I keep for them. Temps are in the 90sF or 30sC, so it must have felt nice to sit in the cool water!


 I just love raccoons. They are super-smart and cute. I wish I could have a pet raccoon but then it's not entirely legal, I think, plus my cats would disinherit me. In a blink.
So instead, I just focused on making some hummus:

It was a very basic one. I used chick peas and red lentils in equal proportions, sesame and an extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice from 3 lemons, salt and pepper, and about a cup of oat milk for blending chick peas. They are kind of dry, so I mashed them first, and added oat milk when blending- makes things easier for the blender's engine. Yummy.... 

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