Friday, July 21, 2017

Changes (2)

Today morning I looked at the calendar and realized that my time at my current position is practically over. Need to go to work just twice! And then I will be done.   (???!!!???)

Well, not exactly. I will start a new job but since my new office is just down the hallway, in the same building, I kind of failed to register the gravity of this change. Until now. It's going to be a real challenge. For many reasons. For example, scope of my duties will be completely different, so I have to learn a lot of new stuff. The hours will be different too, which means I need to learn how to organize my time in and out of work again. And finally, there is going to be definitely more drama involved... My new boss said that each day is different and when we come to work each morning, we have no idea what we get ourselves into! (Perhaps it was a clue, a warning, that I should run- which I missed, of course, and now it's too late)

I am very excited about all this though because I like when things happen. Sometimes I feel like I start missing quiet life- just sitting, reading, doing little everyday things- but it does not last long. I am drawn to ACTION.


Poor kitties! My professional happiness and work-craziness means much less freedom for them. And that sucks big time because they really love climbing trees and just being... wild.


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