Saturday, August 12, 2017

First week at work- DONE!

Survived my first week at new job! YAY!

It is a high pace, sort of an emergency room setting. No scheduled time for lunch- we eat whenever we can. BUT: I just love it. I mean, my brain is overloaded with all the info, all equally useful 45 pages of notes, but once I learn all the ropes, it is going to be fantastic!!!!!
So for now, my plan for the weekend is very simple. I am going to relax, do absolutely nothing -except that I need to read my notes and memorize some stuff by Monday- and SLEEP.

Okay, I will also go for a run because since I signed up for a half-marathon last month I obviously need to train from time to time.

Will post some pictures from my Colorado trip next time. Everything went great, had the best time ever.
 Upon my coming back, my neurotic cats decided to pee all over my clothes, including all the work clothes!!!!!!!! 7 loads of laundry later I was ready to start my new job without smelling funny...


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